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Springbank 12: A Testament to Craftsmanship and Evolution

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Appearance and Essence

Light amber in hue, the Springbank 12 immediately draws you in with its inviting glow. Its aroma weaves a tale — a tale of damp earth and tobacco, intertwined with the zesty allure of citrus. Cinnamon wafts through, harmonizing with hints of red fruits and the distant embrace of the sea.


A Journey on the Palate

Taking a sip transports you through a rich narrative, enveloping the palate in a blend of warmth and complexity. A well-rounded oiliness is felt immediately, with the gentle kick of spice trailing behind. Delightful notes of burnt caramel, forest berries, and brown sugar burst forth, as contrasts of zesty orange play alongside raisins and the comforting warmth of cinnamon. And, as the tale concludes, a lingering finish unfolds, sharing whispers of dried fruits, cinnamon, berries, chocolate, and the faintest touch of smoke.


Craft and Authenticity

Nestled in Campbeltown, Springbank distillery's legacy isn't merely about its storied history but also about its emblematic dedication to Scottish tradition. Every meticulous step, from hand-spreading barley on the malt floors to the final act of bottling, is executed within Springbank's historic walls. Their team, more artisans than mere workers, guide the process with a hands-on approach, without the interference of modern machinery like computers. 


A testament to this devotion is the Springbank 12 Years Old Cask Strength. First gracing the whisky world in January 2010, this expression has seen its 22nd release, an embodiment of commitment and the continuous pursuit of perfection.

Embedded in its character are the specifics that aficionados cherish: A generous capacity of 70 Cl with an alcohol content that stands at 55.4%. It's a Single Malt Scotch Whisky, with its essence derived from 100% barley malt. The distillation, staying true to tradition, is a discontinuous process using a pot still.

A blend of aging secrets, this 12-year-old spirit has spent its years maturing in both ex-sherry and ex-bourbon casks, imparting it with a depth of flavors and aromas. The peat level is kept low, ensuring that the other characteristics shine, and it proudly hails from the iconic region of Campbeltown in Scotland.

In the grand tapestry of Scotch whiskies, Springbank 12 doesn't merely occupy space. It stands tall, exuding respect and reverence, serving as a beacon of craftsmanship, history, and evolving taste.

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